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Pokémon Browser data

The Pokémon Browser, or just Browser, is one of the Styler's many menu applications. It is a digital encyclopedia that contains information about all Pokémon in the Fiore region. Functionally, this is the Ranger series' equivalent of the Pokédex. Each Pokémon in the Fiore region is assigned a Browser page with detailed information such as assist and field moves, typings, height, weight and battle behavior.

Quite a few data files are used for the Browser:


This file configures general Browser information for all Pokémon species. It consists of the pokemon_zukan section which contains one entry for every Pokémon species. The order of the entries dictates the number in the Browser. Each entry is labeled with a string containing the Browser index number. These labels are stored among the sections, for some reason. Each entry is 0xE bytes:

Offset Type Name Description
0x00 short variant ID of the Pokémon variant which should be used as the base This is necessary for retrieving data like field and assist moves.
0x02 short species Pokémon species ID that specifies which texts and graphics should be displayed.
0x04 short height Pokémon's height in meters. (e.g. 5.4m equals 54)
0x06 short weight Pokémon's weight in kilograms. (e.g. 999.8kg equals 9998)
0x08 byte type1 The Pokémon's primary type. This has no effect in-battle and serves cosmetic purposes only.
0x09 byte type2 The secondary type.
0x0A short spriteOffX X offset at which the sprite should be displayed.
0x0C short spriteOffY Y offset at which the sprite should be displayed.


This file specifies the sprites that are displayed on a Browser page for every Pokémon species. It contains four sections, all sharing the same format. Every section contains int offsets (0x4 bytes) to a sprite's file path in the data block. These offsets need to be referenced in the pointer fix list. The sprites are usually found in the pz folder.

Section Description
pokemon_filename Contains the file paths for each Pokémon species. There is only one entry for each Pokémon species.
pokemon_unknown_filename File paths for each of Unown's 28 forms. This is unused as Unown has been removed from the final game.
pokemon_deoxys_filename File paths for each of Deoxys' forms. The game cycles through these four entries when displaying Deoxys' Browser page.
pokemon_powarun_filename Same as above, although this is for Castform's four forms. Like Unown, Castform has been removed from the game.


This is a 14x214 table that specifies how to sort entries in the Browser depending on the selected sort criteria. For the European version, there are separate files for each language. Each entry or row is 0x1C bytes and consists of 14 fields. Each field is an index of the Browser entry to be displayed. 0x0 marks the end of a list.

Offset Type Name Description
0x00 short smallest Smallest
0x02 short tallest Tallest
0x04 short lightest Lightest
0x06 short heaviest Heaviest
0x08 short atoz A to Z
0x0A short abc ABC
0x0C short ghi GHI
0x0E short mno MNO
0x10 short stu STU
0x12 short yz YZ
0x14 short def DEF
0x16 short jkl JKL
0x18 short pqr PQR
0x1A short vwx VWX