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Glossary data

The Glossary is the Styler's detailed manual explaining the mechanisms of the game. More chapters are unlocked as the player progresses the story.


This file configures the actual Glossary pages and their titles, descriptions and graphics. It consists of the dictionary_param section which contains one entry for every Glossary page. Each entry is 0x8 bytes:

Offset Type Name Description
0x00 bool usePageLayout false = Glossary menu, true = Glossary page
0x01 byte chapter Chapter number used to retrieve the graphics.
0x02 short titleTextId Text ID for the page's title.
0x04 short descTextId Text ID for the page's description.
0x06 short subTextId Text ID for the menu's sub heading. Only used for Glossary menus.


This file specifies the graphics for each chapter. For the European version, there are separate files for each language. It consists of the dictionary_filename section which contains int offsets (0x4 bytes) to the graphics' file path in the data block. These offsets need to be referenced in the pointer fix list. The graphics are usually found in the mainmenu folder.