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Super Mario Galaxy 2 Project Template

  1. Overview
  2. Screenshots
  3. Credits
  4. New Objects
  5. New ProductMapObjDataTable Classes
  6. New Power Star Colors
  7. Fixed Objects
  8. Bugfixes
  9. Cleaned up Data Files

Super Mario Galaxy 2 Project Template is a free-to-use extension for your own SMG2 modding projects. It's feature-rich as it includes tons of new objects, basic project files such as a Riivolution XML file as well as Dolphin INI files, the Syati loader, new Power Star colors and more. If you are using the template or any of its patches, make sure to credit the respective developers. Its development started around April 2021 and has received several major updates since them. It surpasses my SMG2 Starter Pack which featured many assembly patches. If you encounter any issues, please contact me on the Luma's Workshop Discord server.

Project Template downloads and releases
Project Template Github repository
Syati Github repository




New Objects







Level Features

  1. Ported from SMG1
  2. Fixed SMG1 leftover
  3. Custom coded object
  4. Uses new Effect data
  5. Uses new ActionSound entries
  6. Uses new ProductMapObjDataTable entries

New ProductMapObjDataTable Classes

(New descriptions will be added as the object database progresses.)

AirFar100mDecorative atmosphere that is meant to be placed around a planet or section. Unlike other Air objects, this has a far clipping range of 100 meters.DimensionAir
AssemblyBlockRemains at a resting position. Once the player gets in its range, it will move to its actual position.AssemblyBlockPartsIceB
BallOpenerIf the player touches this object's center while riding a Star Ball, it will pull the Star Ball towards its center and the Star Ball will be cracked open.BallOpenerTamakoro
BeeJumpBallA bouncy berry that can be bounced off with the Bee power-up. If touched by the player while they don't have the Bee power-up, it will pop and reappear after about three seconds.BeeJumpBallB
ChooChooTrainA toy train that consists of at least one segment. It moves on a set path and it randomly creates a whistling sound effect.ChooChooTrain
CollapseRailMoveObjA platform that moves on a set path and disappears after reaching the end. Once it disappears, it will reappear at the start after a few seconds.DashYoshiTimerBridgeCometPartsA
InvisiblePolygonObjA collision mesh object that lacks an actual model. Can be used to create invisible walls.InvisibleWall10x10
JumpHoleIf the player touches this object's center while riding a Star Ball, it will pull the Star Ball towards its center and the Star Ball will be launched along a path.JumpHoleTamakoroA
ScaleMapObjA generic object with a model and collision that flexibly changes its size over time. The scales, timers and behavior can all be configured.LavaBallRisingPlanetLava

New Power Star Colors

Like Neo Mario Galaxy, Project Template features custom Power Star colors that can be easily used by editing the PowerStarType field of a specific mission in a galaxy's Scenario file. The supported types are:

PowerStarType valueColor Frame / IDDescription
Normal0Generic Yellow Star
Hidden0Hidden Yellow Star
Green2Green Comet (unlocked after 120 Power Stars)
LegacyGreen2Green Star (like those in SMG1)
Red3Red Star
Blue5Blue Star
Bronze1Bronze Star

Fixed Objects

Project Template also provides the required files and data for some specific object features.

HoneyBeeAdded back the bucket of honey that a Honey Bee can carry by setting its Obj_arg0 to 8 or 9.
OtaKingAdded back the files for Spicy King Kaliente who can be enabled by setting Obj_arg1 to true.
TwisterSanAdded the beige color file (White.brk) to the object's archive so that it can be used on the object (Obj_arg1 set to true).
TeresaChiefAdded a proper entry to ObjNameTable so that the object can be placed in a level.
TrickRabbitGhostSame as above. The object can be placed in a level now without problems.


When the first game was being developed into Super Mario Galaxy 2, several new bugs and mistakes found its way into the final game. Project Template provides fixes for the following bugs.

Cleaned up Data Files

Some data files were edited to remove unused, useless and duplicate data to save important memory space. Additionally, all the files include the proper data for the newly added objects. The following data files have been edited: