Pokémon Ranger Docs

Researched and documented by Aurum

Igglybuff and Unown patched back into the game. On this site you can find information about the internal structure of Pokémon Ranger, an action-adventure game for the Nintendo DS developed by HAL Laboratory and Creatures Inc. It is the first game in the Pokémon Ranger spin-off series. Until now, nobody has ever looked into the game's data and files before. Although Pokémon Ranger was developed for the Nintendo DS, it features a lot of unique formats that are not seen in other games of the DS era. Therefore, all formats used in the game were not documented at all.

I engage in researching the game's files and formats in my free time out of pure interest. The results can be found on this site. My original aim and motivation was to reimplement Igglybuff and Unown, two Pokémon that have been cut from the final game. Curiously, their graphics are still in the game's files so I expected adding these Pokémon back to the game would not be too difficult. First, I began documenting the flatbuffer and Pokémon data formats in order to add proper configurations for these two Pokémon. This was followed by research on the game's text and more Browser data files. A few days of messing around later, I finally added them back to the game and gave them proper data, typings, names, descriptions and Browser information. This motivated me to research the game's file and data formats even further.

Maybe one day we can see full-fledged hacks and mods of this rather unusual but fun Pokémon game!

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