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Class: Hammer/Fire Bro Move Point (BrosMovePoint)

This actor can only be constructed under special linking circumstances.

A key pose that determines a Hammer/Fire Bro's movement path. The next key pose can be specified by KeyMoveNext. If the next key pose is not specified, it will return to its original pose. The position can be connected to several "scaffolds", including Goomba Stacks.


(Properties marked in indigo are effectively useless and won't be included in Spotlight databases.)

NameTypeSpecial valuesNotes
  • -1 -- None
  • 0 -- On Goomba Stack
  • 1 -- On Clear Pipe
  • 2 -- Fixed Pose

Specifies the scaffolding type. If ScaffoldType is set to 0, a new Goomba Stack at this object's position will be created.


Specifies the Goomba Stack's height if the ScaffoldType is set to 0.



The clipping group (GroupClipping) that the object belongs to.


Specifies the next key pose to be used.