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Greetings! I'm Aurum, a Computer Science student and video game hacking enthusiast from Germany. Welcome to my website, where you can explore my exciting mods and projects! In my free time, I engage in researching the internal structures of various video games. Using the gathered information, I create my own modifications, hacks and tools. I always wanted to create unique maps and worlds to share with others, and discovering the world of video game modding made that dream a reality.

I have a Discord server dedicated to my projects. Click here if you want to join!


Neo Mario Galaxy

A Super Mario Galaxy 2 mod featuring 42 Power Stars in 8 all-new galaxies! It has been downloaded over 25,000 times.

Animal Crossing City Folk Deluxe

An unofficial enhancement patch for Animal Crossing City Folk that adds new content and improves gameplay.

Touchstone Mines

A complete restoration of a scrapped level from Captain Toad Treasure Tracker that was finalized using unused assets.

Daredevil Mode

Difficulty hacks of Super Mario Galaxy 1/2 that force you to beat the games under Daredevil conditions.

Flip-Swap Galaxy Remake

A recreation of Flip-Swap Galaxy in Super Mario 3D Land. My only released mod for that game. It was created back in 2016.

Li'l Brr Battlefield

A winter-themed recreation of Bob-omb Battlefield. It was created for Super Mario Galaxy 64: Holiday Special.


A small web app that can install DLC items into your Animal Crossing City Folk save files.


An editor for MSBT text files in Super Mario Galaxy 2 that can edit every text-related aspect supported by the game.


A sprites/graphics viewer for Pokémon Ranger's proprietary ObjDesc file format.


A savegame editor for all versions of Captain Toad Treasure Tracker. Can convert any savefile to Switch version.


A savegame editor for Blast Corps. This was my first true programming project created all the way back in 2016!



A Java library that provides I/O streams and bit-conversion utilities with changeable endianness.


A high-level implementation of Nintendo's homemade BCSV/JMap data format in Python.


A high-level implementation of Nintendo's homemade ResourceArchive (RARC) format in Python. Uses oead for SZS compression.


Provides high-level implementations of Nintendo's homemade MSBT and MSBF file formats in Python.


A work-in-progress implementation of Nintendo's JAUSoundAnimation (BAS) format in Python.